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Michigan Masters is the proud recipient of the USMS Club of the Year Award in 2011!!


Minutes from the 2014 Annual LMSC Meeting...

See the records update for 5/15/15 for Michigan Swimmers

2014 All-Americans
2014 Relay All-Americans
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2014 USMS All-Stars

The 2015 USMS Spring National Championships took place from April 23rd to April 26th at the Northside ISD Aquatic Complex in San Antonio, TX. 1,888 swimmers entered the meet from 260 clubs. Michigan Masters placed 9th in the Combined Regional Club division, with the 12 swimmers who attended.

Brad Rietema won the 1650 free for his first ever USMS National championship. Christian Vanderkaay won the 200 fly and broke a 16 year-old State Record. This was Christian's 5th USMS National Championship title. He also placed second in his two other events, and third in his three remaining events. He was the Michigan Master's Men's High Point winner, with 53 points. Denise Brown set five State Records and was the Michigan Masters Women's High Point winner, with 39 points.

14 Michigan LMSC State Records were set by five swimmers: Christian Vanderkaay set two, Denise Brown set five, Chuck Olsen set five, and Tamara Steil and Sue Berger Mann each set one

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Fifth Annual LMSC Banquet
The Fifth annual Michigan Masters LMSC Awards Banquet and Social is scheduled for Saturday November 7, 2015. Awards will be given for a variety of accomplishments, both in- and out of the water. One of the most imoportant awards will be honoring our Michigan LMSC members for their continuous loyalty masters membership. The award will be given in 5-year increments up to 30 years of continuous membership in the Michigan LMSC. Members will be recogized for thier annual renewal and support of the local and national organization. Here is a list of the members of the Michigan Masters LMSC, who have been members for five or more years, and the number of years that they have been continuous members. Members are elegible for only one award during each 5-year increment.

See the ANNOUNCEMENT and MAIL-IN form for attendance
also - the List of Continous Members

Spire Institute August 6 -9


The 2015 USMS Summer Long Course National Championships took place from August 6 - 9, 2015 at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio. 969 swimmers from 193 clubs competed. Michigan Masters won the Combined Regional Club Championship and won the Men's and Women's separate categories as well. This is the fourth time Michigan Masters has won a National Championship in seven years of attending Nationals Championships.

A total of 32 individual National Championship titles were won by Michigan swimmers. Individual titles were evenly distributed, with 16 for the women and 16 for the men. Four of our relays also placed first.

Lou Ann Dixon and Ryan Papa both won four individual events. Christian Vanderkaay and Tony Anderson both won three individual events. Susan Dombkowski, Corrin Buck, Sally Guthrie, Laura Gogola, Erik Lockensgard, and Ray Martin all won two individual events each. Lindsay Richardson, Matt West, and Allan Charlton were single event winners. Four relays won their age groups; Susan Harris and Corrin Buck were both members on three winning relays. Mary Mueting and Muffy MacKenzie were members of two winning relays. Tony Anderson, Jim Pogue, Tyler Rutkowski, Fares Ksebati, Casey Browning and Chris Deptula were all member of one winning relays.

Fifty-six State Records (18 women, 24 men, 14 relay) were set during the course of the meet. Congratulations to all 67 swimmers that swam in the meet!
Results of MI Masters swimmers - with records
National Champions & State Records


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RESULTS FROM THE 2015 State Championship Meet
State Meet Championship Results
Individual Point Totals
Team Scores
Record Breakers
Meet Team Summary
Team Summary - Detailed Journal
Team Summary - Summary Totals
Records and Awards Summary
Championship Records:
State Records:
The 43rd Annual Michigan Masters State Championships took place at the Michael Jones Natatorium on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. Three-hundred and seventy-three swimmers from 20 teams contested the championship from Friday, April 17th until the meet's conclusion on Sunday, April 19th, 2015.

The Milford Athletic Club (MAC) won their third Large Team Combined championship in their nine-year history. MAC won the Large Team Women's and Men's Championships as well. They are the third time in Michigan Masters history to win three consecutive Combined State Championships.

Grand Traverse Masters Swim Team (GTMS) won the Small Team Combined and the Men's Championships for the first time. The Battle Creek YMCA edged GTMS by two points to take the Women's Small Team Championship.

Fifty-five State LMSC Records (33 women, 20 men, 2 relays) were set during the course of the meet. Additionally, 80 State Championship Meet Records (40 women, 29 men, 11 relays) were set during the course of the meet. Results, Records, and High Point Awards for both team and individual swimmers are included in the Results Exhibits listed above and on the Swim Phone page (on the Club Assistant site)