Meet Schedule
Please be advised that your times in "Sanctioned" meets will count in the USMS American Top Ten (yards, SCM, LCM) rankings and in the FINA World Top Ten (SCM, LCM) rankings. However, times from "Recognized" meets will count in the USMS American Top Ten, but they will not be counted in the FINA World Top Ten rankings, as per FINA rules.


Date Host Sanction# Location & Flyer Course Meet Director email
9/20/14 Cleveland State Swimming & Diving Recognized#184-R001 Cleveland State,
Cleveland, OH
Written Entry
LCM Paul Graham
10/5/14 Milan High School Sanctioned#194-S011 Milan High School
Written Entry
SCY Kerry Frame 734-646-5819
10/26/14 Mason High School Sanctioned#194-S012 Mason High School
Written Entry
SCM Connie Cantrell 517-646-5819
11/15/14 Miami Redfins Fall Masters Meet Sanctioned#174-S006 Miami University Aquatic Center
Written Entry
SCM Jennifer Wood 513-529-1995
11/16/14 West Bloomfield High School Recognized#194-R003 West Bloomfield High School
Written Entry
make sure you use the entry for NOVEMBER
SCY Bob Crosby 248-865-6748
11/16/14 Louisville Invitational Sanctioned#414-S005 Ralph Wright Natatorium, Louisville, KY
Written Entry
SCM Bill Tingley
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12/6/14 STRAY CATS
Sanctioned#194-S010 Dewitt High School
Written Entry
SCY Paul Chaffee
12/6-7/14 Hudson Swim Meet O*H*I*O Masters Sanctioned#184-S006 Ada Cooper Miller Natatorium, Hudson, OH
Written Entry
SCM Kevin McCardle
Tom Gorman
online Entry
1/11/15 Coldest Meet Santioned#195- S002 EMU Jones Natatorium, Ypsilanti, MI
Written Entry
SCY Sally Guthrie
Skip Thompson
1/25/15 Harper Creek High School Sanctioned#195-S003 Harper Creek Aquatic Center
Written Entry
SCY Corrin Popps
2/1/15 FAST Sanctioned#195-S004 Brighton High School
Written Entry
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SCM Noah & Jenny Birmelin
2/22/15 West Michigan Masters Sanctioned#195-S005 Grand Haven Aquatic Center
Written Entry
SCY Ken Danhof 231-739-5592
3/8/15 West Bloomfield High School Recognized#195-R001 West Bloomfield High School Pool
Written Entry
make sure you use the entry from MARCH
SCY Bob Crosby
3/22/15 Milford Meltdown Meet Sanctioned#195-S001 Milford Aquatic Center
Written Entry
SCM Kris Goodrich
4/17-19/15 Michigan Masters State Championships Sanctioned#195-S006 Eastern Michigan University
online entry
Paper entry
SCY Skip Thompson  
4/23-26/15 USMS Spring Nationals USMS Sanctioned Northside ISD Swim Center
SanAntonio, TX
6/20/15 Munley Meet, MSU Recognized
Michigan State University Pool
Paper entry
LCM Gail Dummer 517-881-3709
6/20/15 Miami of Ohio
Oxford, OH
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online entry
LCM Jennifer Wood Jennifer Wood
6/27/15 2015 Meijer State Games of Michigan Recognized
East Kentwood High School - Grand Rapids, MI
online entry
SCY Joey Sutherlin
6/27-28/15 O*H*I*O Masters Long Course Meters Meet Sanctioned
Busbey Natatorium,
Cleveland State University,
Cleveland, OH
online Entry
LCM Kevin McCardle
Tom Gorman
7/19/15 Dearborn Sanctioned
Levagood Pool, Dearborn, MI
Paper entry
LCM Skip Thompson 248-683-2191
7/26/15 Warmest - EMU Meet Sanctioned
Mike Jones Natatorium, EMU pool
Paper entry
LCM Skip Thompson 248-683-2191
8/1-2/15 Lakeside Masters Sanctioned
Lakeside Swim Club
Louisville, KY
meet information
LCM Bill Tingley
Online Entry
8/6-9/15 USMS Summer Nationals Sanctioned #USMS Spire Institute, Geneva, OH LCM online entry USMS Website