USMS Registration

USMS Registration Information:

Please read all the information below before registering with USMS.

The chart below describes how Michigan Masters LMSC is organized. The LMSC is divided into Clubs. Also, within our clubs people can opt which State Meet Team they would like to swim with for the Michigan State Meet Championship. The State Meet Team designation only applies to the actual State Championship Meet – the rest of the time, whether you are in-state or out of state at a meet, including National or International meets, you will swim for your club: Michigan Masters (MICH). You will designate your club (Michigan Masters (MICH) when you sign up online with USMS.  Also note: If you designate your club as “unattached” or “Unified Club” (abbreviated as “UC19”) you cannot swim for any relays at any meet…or swim as a part of any club at either in-state or out of state meets.

The most convenient and inexpensive way to register for USMS is through their online system, which can be accessed via this USMS Link (CLICK HERE). If you choose to use a Paper Entry (CLICK HERE), you will be charged an additional $5 processing fee.

Once you’ve completed the USMS Club registration process, designating your USMS club as: Michigan Masters (MICH), you can then designate the State Meet Team that you want swim with at the 2016 State Meet Championship by going to this link.  YOU MUST be a current member of USMS to designate a State Meet Team.  You do not have to designate a State Meet Team to participate at the State Meet Championship, however, to swim in a Rely, you must designate a State Meet Team.

Any and all questions about the registration process or the State Meet Team designation should be sent to the Michigan LMSC Registrar Doug Handler at